Flint is a college-preparatory school with many graduates successfully attending a variety of well-known colleges and universities. Each teacher at the school is trained extensively in the art of teaching material to the highest academic level in their classroom and modifying it to meet the needs and abilities of every other student. Expectations, depth, and pace are unique for each student. This model has proven over the course of twelve years to be extremely effective in meeting the needs of every child. This is one of the reasons for our very low student-to-teacher ratio (6:1 in the elementary school and 12:1 in the high school) which gives teachers the ability to rise to such a time-intensive challenge. In this way we are able to fully meet the academic needs of neurotypical students, gifted students, students with intellectual or academic differences, and students with emotional or behavioral disorders together in one classroom, keeping families closer and teaching children true acceptance and diversity as well as rigorous academic content.