Upper School

Grades eight through twelve are included in our upper school level, where we emphasize critical thinking and college preparation. Graduates of our upper school are readily accepted into traditional colleges and universities, and are uniquely prepared for college-level material. Key features of the upper school structure include:

  • Class sizes capped at twelve students to facilitate individualized instruction.
  • Minimal homework assignments.
  • Daily or twice-weekly one-on-one Barton dyslexia remediation tutoring is given to every student with dyslexia.
  • History and literature studied in rotating cycles across the entire upper school, with the historical time period and the literature selections aligning to reinforce one another.
  • Latin instruction as a foreign language.
  • Prestigious writing curriculum shown to prepare students for college writing requirements.
  • Individually paced mathematics instruction.
  • Hands-on science content, including regular nature study field trips.
  • A rotation of elective studies including physical education, art, music, college prep, handicrafts, and gardening.
  • Bible studies and devotions are included daily.
  • Literature is read aloud to the students daily.
  • Teachers are available during lunch to assist students who need additional help in their subject.
  • Multiple field trips related to academic content.
  • Personalized guidance counseling available.