Mission and Philosophy


“Becoming what we should be, that we might do what we ought to do.”

Mission Statement

The mission of The Flint Academy is to provide an education in the classical tradition for all students regardless of their learning needs, integrated with a Christian worldview, having the Scriptures at the center, and presented in a family oriented, nurturing environment.


The philosophy of The Flint Academy begins with the premise that parents are responsible before God for the education of their own children. Because of this premise, close parental involvement is an integral part of the school program.

The basis of the relationship between the school and family is as follows:

  • Each child belongs to God.
  • Parents are responsible for the education of their own children.
  • Parents employ the school staff to assist them in accomplishing the goal of educating their children.
  • Parents send their children to The Flint Academy because they agree with the school’s educational philosophy and spiritual goals.
  • The educators at The Flint Academy have a professional responsibility to adhere to the school’s educational philosophy and spiritual goals.
  • Each teacher’s goal is to mentor each child through the bond of Christ’s love.

We hold the privilege of being allowed to assist you in the education of your children in the highest regard, and continually submit our wills to the Lord in order to accomplish this goal to God’s satisfaction.

We believe that God created each child unique and eternally significant with special gifts and talents. It is our job to help the child discover and develop those gifts and talents, so that the child may be equipped to serve God.

We embark on this ministry of education believing that God created all that is created, that He is a God of order and purpose, that He made mankind in His own image, and having given mankind the commands to subdue the earth and to seek God, we believe that academic education is required of us. We should study, and teach our children to study, both God’s world and the Holy Scriptures in order to understand His creation and to learn to know God and understand the relationship among His physical creation, the history of man, and the continuous thread of Christianity, thus developing a Christian worldview.

To this end, we will provide an exemplary education in the classical disciplines of grammar (learn the facts of each subject), logic (learn why), and rhetoric (learn to explain it to others) in all subjects, so that each child may reach his full God-given potential and develop both the tools and the love for lifelong learning. We will be open to investigating and utilizing innovative educational ideas and the latest research in the field of education without succumbing to fads or sacrificing the classical goals of education.

We also desire to educate those children with special needs, specific learning disabilities, and other potentially handicapping conditions as the Lord gives us wisdom, so that they also may reach their full potential and be able to accomplish what God has planned for them. No child shall be turned away from enrollment in The Flint Academy because of his or her disability or behavior, as long as the parents are willing to work with the school.

We come to this educational vocation with the belief that no one can come to God except through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as one’s personal savior—that all experiences should be viewed with an eternal perspective—and that we are to love one another because God first loved us. We will encourage the expression of a Christ-like community within the ethnic, racial, cultural, and denominational diversity of our school.

We will provide Christ-centered spiritual guidance through integrating biblical knowledge with all academic subjects, modeling of the Christian life by each member of the teaching staff and board, and introducing the students to God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, so that each child may have a personal relationship with God and serve the Lord.