Grammar School

Grades pre-kindergarten through seventh are included in our grammar school level, where we emphasize cultivating a love of learning. Key features of the grammar school structure include:

  • Formal reading instruction begins at first grade and pre-k students are given space to play and explore while developing vital pre-reading skills.
  • Math and reading instruction is provided in leveled groups, allowing students to progress at their own pace and comprehension.
  • Daily or twice-weekly one-on-one Barton dyslexia remediation tutoring is given to every student with dyslexia.
  • History and science are studied in rotating cycles across the entire grammar school, with one historical time period and one branch of science studied each year.
  • Latin instruction begins at third grade.
  • Multiple recesses throughout the day.
  • Nature studies, art, music, dance, drama, recitation, and handicrafts are incorporated into each week, and align with the current history or science cycle.
  • Bible studies and devotions are included daily.
  • Literature is read aloud to the students daily.
  • No homework is assigned to students.
  • Teachers eat lunch with their classes and remain on the playground at recess, providing social guidance and assistance at all times.